Juicy Turkey Recipe

Juicy Turkey recipe a la Dominican

As a good Dominican we put our caribbean twist in everything that we do,
in this case “Thanks Giving Dinner” i came to the states a few years ago and i found my self in the situasion that i had to cook thanks giving dinner for my husband and a guest. :-/

I did not had idea of how to cook a turkey, so i start to watch videos of “how to”, youtube etc. and i got the idea how to do it but with my twist, the only thing that i can say is (thanks god for the internet) ;-).

So here is my recipe;

Pre-heat oven at 150 degrees
5 lbs turkey
2 tsp oregano
1/2 cup butter
1 tsp black pepper fresh ground
2 tsp garlic paste
2 cups of water
and enough adobo or your favorite seasoning
Stuffing (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-stuffing/)

Wash the turkey and place in a big tray to proceed seasoning, cut the butter in to thin squares and put them under the skin, mainly in the breast area that`s where the meat tends to be a litle bit dry, after, rub the oregano, garlic and black pepper all over the bird and sprinkle with adobo and proceed to stuff. Then after your turkey is seasoned and stuffed place on a baking pan add the 2 cups of water, cover it with foil paper and put it in to the oven for 2hrs and 30 minutes at 250 degrees.

Once the turkey is baked remove the foil paper off and let it skin crisp for 20 minutes or so and make sure to lower the heat, once is golden take it out and garnish with veggies or fruits. Enjoy! :-)

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