Happy 2013..

Happy 2013….

This year that culminated a few hours ago was a year full of surprises, emotions and hopes for my husband and I, we were blessed with the joy of being parents in very special way, we were surprised with twin girls and now we can certainly breathe a sigh of relief as it seems our civilization has made it past the end of the world… I guess 2013 will likely bring the typical ups and downs and all that lies between as in years before.

As we sipped our champagne watching the ball drop in Times Square on tv, I reflected on the past and smiled with thoughts of what this year will bring. As this year’s resolution I’ve committed to be open to learn new things. I’ll try and learn from my mistakes, to learn to be an exemplary mother and especially (with my husband) learn to be patient, I can only imagine what’s about to come with the twins will not be easy. In the words of the famous philosopher Socrates, “The more I learn then more I realize how little I really know.”

We celebrated This is holiday season with my mother in law and I learned about the Christmas traditions from my husband`s country, Czech Republic. I learned to make a few types of typical “chlebicky” small little tapas sized open faced sandwiches, these recipes are made mostly for the New Year holidays but can be done at any time of the year since it is quite easy. Here is one of my husband’s favorites. Ham or “sunkovi” I made last night with help of my mother in law as we waited in the New Year.

Chlebicky Recipe

1 baguette
1 jar of finely sliced salami
1 jar of pickles
¼ finely grated cheddar cheese
1 large roasted pepper strips
1 homemade dressing


Put the eggs in a pan and bring to boil, slice the bread and put them in the oven to toast for 2 to 3 minutes just so they stiffen a little (do not toast, it makes the sandwiches easier to handle once your done) slice the small pickles in two and peppers into thin strips, once the eggs are hard boiled peel them and cut them into wedges, then toast the bread put mayonnaise on each slice and proceed to put the salami, pickle slices, egg and cheese on each piece of bread. Now in a small bowl add the dressing ingredients with ketchup, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of oil and mix well until combined. Now drizzle a little on top of each slice of egg and you’re done!
Bon Appétit

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