Fried Red Snapper

This recipe is really popular in the Caribbean especially in fishing villages, it`s easy, fast and delicious.

First of all you need a husband who knows how to fish, but otherwise, there is the option to go to the market and buy the fish, typically we use red snapper but at times snapper may not be available so you can use small grouper varieties. The key to this recipe is the fish most be as fresh never frozen. This recipe is simple and the ingredients are basic.


• Approximately three pounds of red snapper clean and ready for seasoning
• 3 cloves of garlic
• 1 teaspoon ground pepper
• Teaspoon of Salt
• 2 sprig of parsley

mince the parsley and garlic and add the salt and pepper and mix in a small bowl. Use this mixture like a rub coating each fish inside and out. Once seasoned place the fish in a bowl for 15 minutes up to 30 minutes to catch good seasoning.

Next, use a wok or frying pan and with enough oil to submerge your largest fish at least half way, once your oil is frying temp, then you can put the fish one by one or up to you if you want to put more than one at once but be careful when you turn it over not break it apart. (As it cooks it gets softer and delicate). This typically is served with white hispanic rice or fried plantain.


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